Quick and Easy Family Dinners (midweek wonders!)

The most popular quick and easy family dinners… with everything from pulled pork burgers to 20 minute pastas, lasagne to meatballs, fried rice to pies… there really is something to suit everyone!

easy family dinners


Quick & Easy Family Dinners

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Burgers with Asian Slaw

This is one of my hubby’s recipes… and it’s absolutely delicious!! Pop the pork into the slow cooker and leave it for a few hours to become super yum, and then whip up the Asian satay slaw just before serving. Too easy!

easy family dinners


Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pies

These Creamy Chicken, Leek & Bacon Pies topped with crispy puff pastry are easy to make and taste delicious… a classic winter dinner. 

A chicken and leek pot pie with puffed pastry.


Muffin Tray Chunky Meat Pies (freezer friendly!)

Nothing beats a homemade pie – and these individual chunky beef ones are the BEST! Serve with vegetables or salad for a classic family dinner (and freeze any leftovers!).

easy family dinners


Classic Zucchini Slice

My all-time favourite zucchini slice is the perfect midweek dinner – and with just 10 minutes prep time, it couldn’t be easier.

easy family dinners

Oven Baked Thai Chicken Meatballs

This is one of the most popular meals in our house! Serve the meatballs in lettuce cups with sweet chilli dipping sauce… super fast, super fresh and super YUM!

easy family dinners


Noodle & Beef Chow Mein

A good old classic fave! This easy family dinner is the perfect way to smuggle in some extra veggies.

easy family dinners


Easy Chicken Fried Rice

My favourite fried rice recipe EVER!!! Plus it’s the perfect way to use up any leftover chicken you have lying around.

easy family dinners


Slow Cooker Mexican Chicken Soup

Welcome to the most non-boring soup in the world!! This one is packed full of flavour (and it’s even more delicious when served with sour cream, corn chips and chopped avocado).

easy family dinners


6 Ingredient Egg & Bacon Pie

A 30 minute dinner with just 6 ingredients! This is one of the most popular recipe on my website (and it’s no surprise why!).

easy family dinners


Falafel Balls with Quinoa Salad

Everyone from the toddlers in your house to teenagers and adults will fall in love with these oven baked falafel balls with the yummiest quinoa salad.

easy family dinners


Easy Cheesy Beef Lasagne

Total cheesy deliciousness. This is the ultimate in easy family dinners!

easy family dinners


4 Ingredient Egg & Bacon Carbonara

This creamy carbonara is made from eggs, bacon, pasta and parmesan cheese. That. Is. It!! Too simple, right!?

easy family dinners


Slow Cooker Chilli Con Carne

Pop this baby on in the morning and come home to a delicious winter warmer.

easy family dinners


Cheesy Corn Fritters with Avocado & Tomato Salsa

Nothing says ‘easy family dinner’ more than corn fritters!

easy family dinners


Homemade Baked Beans

Kiss goodbye to the tinned baked beans… this homemade version is AMAZING!

easy family dinners


Prosciutto, Bocconcini & Rocket Pizza

This is another one of my hubby’s recipes… Friday night pizza is SORTED!

easy family dinners


What are your favourite quick and easy family dinners!?

The most popular quick and easy family dinners... with everything from pulled pork burgers to 20 minute pastas, lasagne to meatballs, fried rice to pies... there really is something to suit everyone!


If you have a Thermomix, check out our favourite midweek Thermomix dinners here!

5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Family Dinners (midweek wonders!)”

  1. Marge Amery says:

    Your cook books are the best thing since sliced bread. I have bought 5 of them now and just about to buy the family meal one. I use them all the time. thank you for making my life at home, after working all day, so much easier and tastier.

    1. Lucy Mathieson says:

      Oh Marge you’ve made my day!!! Thank you so much! xx

  2. Marge Amery says:

    hi, I am trying to buy the quick mid week recipe book but cannot find the link for it. Can you help please. I absolutely love your other books.

    1. Lucy Mathieson says:

      Hi Marge, our dinners ebooks (there’s 2) are only available in Thermomix versions (not conventional). If you’re after the Thermomix ones, here’s the links:
      – https://bakeplaysmile.com/product/month-thermomix-dinners/
      – https://bakeplaysmile.com/product/thermomix-family-dinners-desserts/

  3. Ellen Taylor says:

    Hey Lucy,
    Thanks for saving my time. Some recipes really looks yummy and hope also take less times to prepare.

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