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Super Easy No-Bake Easter Egg Slice

The easiest No-Bake Easter Egg Slice you'll ever make! A biscuit base filled with your favourite mini Easter eggs, topped with a chocolate layer and even more Easter eggs! Can you believe that Easter is right around the corner?? Me either!!! I swear it was Christmas a week ago?? Anyway, I am absolutely not complaining... not one little bit... becausssssseeeee.... chocolate!!!!!!!! You guys know that I love a super simple recipe right? And if it's a no-bake recipe then it's even better. Well this easy no-bake Easter Egg Slice is all of those things (and a few delicious things ... Read More about Super Easy No-Bake Easter Egg Slice

Easter Egg Cookie Slice | 1 Bowl Recipe

The easiest and most delicious chocolate packed Easter Egg Cookie Slice! Less than 10 minutes prep time and the perfect way to indulge in an Easter treat! Hellooooo Easter-y goodness!!! Do you know what always makes me laugh... that there's such an uproar about the supermarkets selling Easter eggs too early. WELL!!!! Let me just say, that when you run a food blog you neeeeeeeed them to sell Easter eggs early! I had to beg my local supermarket to let me buy the Easter eggs that were still stacked in boxes on top of their aisles so I could make this slice (ok... ok... I know it was only ... Read More about Easter Egg Cookie Slice | 1 Bowl Recipe

Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake | No-Bake

A white chocolate and Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake that's perfect for any chocoholic! Completely no-bake, super simple to make and totally delicious!!  Well hello there! If you're here I'm assuming that you're a massive fan of Cadbury Creme Eggs... because why on earth else would you click through to a Creme Egg recipe, right!? Anyway, I'm 100% happy that you're here and I looooove that you love Creme Eggs!! I feel like when it comes to Creme Eggs, you're on 1 of 2 teams... Team 1: I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs so much I would eat them all day if I could; or, Team 2: I hate ... Read More about Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake | No-Bake

5 Minute Microwave Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge | 3 Ingredients

A super easy 5 minute microwave Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge made from just 3 ingredients... condensed milk, chocolate and Cadbury Creme easter eggs! If you love quick and easy recipes, then you're going to love this microwave chocolate fudge. And if you love Cadbury Creme eggs... well this might just be your new favourite recipe. It's super simple and tastes AMAZING!!! A few years ago I started making fudge in the microwave and have never, ever looked back. It is honestly the easiest possible way to make a batch of soft, melt-in-your-mouth fudge. Oh and it takes less than 5 ... Read More about 5 Minute Microwave Cadbury Creme Egg Fudge | 3 Ingredients

Easy White Chocolate & Malteser Bunny Easter Bark

White Chocolate & Malteser Bunny Bark with mini Easter eggs... 5 minutes prep time... 4 ingredients... a totally delicious Easter treat! When it comes to making chocolate bark this Easter, you couldn't possibly find an easier (or yummier) recipe. This White Chocolate & Malteser Bunny Easter Bark is just the thing you need! This is such a great recipe to get the kids helping out with - and they'll love decorating the bark with all of their favourite Easter chocolates. It's also a yummy way to use to use up any leftover Easter eggs you have lying around after Easter. ... Read More about Easy White Chocolate & Malteser Bunny Easter Bark

10 Minute Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Ice-Cream

10 minute Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Ice-Cream... a no-churn chocolate ice-cream scattered with chunks of caramel chocolate Easter eggs. YUM!! Want to know what's even better than deliciously thick and creamy chocolate-ice-cream?? Homemade chocolate ice-cream with big, fat chunks of caramel filled Easter eggs. OMG.... Yep, the oozy-gooey chunks of caramel and chocolate take this super easy 10 minute chocolate ice-cream to a whole new level of Easter fabulousness. Sounds delish, right?? To make this Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Ice-Cream, you simply beat some cream, ... Read More about 10 Minute Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg Ice-Cream

Microwave Baileys Chocolate Fudge

A 10 minute super easy Microwave Baileys Chocolate Fudge recipe... rich and delicious! The perfect gift for a friend (or sneaky late night treat!).   Can I just say that I'm so glad you're here... because this Microwave Baileys Chocolate Fudge is going to blow. your. mind. It's super rich, soft and chewy... and oh-so-damn delicious. Yep, it's totally going to become your new favourite fudge! But first let me tell you why you really need to make my Microwave Baileys Chocolate Fudge: a) it's made in the microwave so it's E.A.S.Y; b) it takes 10 minutes to prepare (which ... Read More about Microwave Baileys Chocolate Fudge

Healthy Watermelon Pizza

This healthy Watermelon Pizza topped with fresh berries, sliced banana, kiwi fruit, creamy passionfruit yoghurt and grated chocolate is the perfect kid-friendly treat.  Hello there! I'm so happy you're here because today is all about this healthy, fun and summery recipe... that the kids will LOVE! Yep this healthy Watermelon Pizza is going to be an absolute hit with the kids (and adults too!). If you're looking to jazz up fruit time in your house, then this is what you need! Or if you're looking for healthy kids birthday party recipes, then this is for you! Basically... if you ... Read More about Healthy Watermelon Pizza