100+ Sandwich Fillings For Kids

Our list of 100+ sandwich fillings for kids (as voted by mums!) will take the stress out of lunch box planning… plus download our FREE printable! 

A kids sandwich in a school lunchbox.

If you’re after some delicious sandwich filling ideas that kids will love… we’ve got you covered! We surveyed a group of mums with young children (from babies all the way up to high school students) and asked them which sandwich fillings were most loved by their kids.

From this we came up with a list of 100+ kid-approved sandwich fillings (and we put them all into a FREE PRINTABLE for you too!). 

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The Most Popular Sandwich Fillings For Kids

Classic Sandwich Fillings

  • jam
  • peanut butter
  • honey
  • Vegemite or Marmite
  • cheese
  • jam and peanut butter
  • Vegemite and cheese


Sweet Sandwich Fillings

  • Nutella
  • sprinkles/100s and 1000s
  • Nutella and banana
  • peanut butter and banana
  • peanut butter and jam
  • honey and peanut butter
  • Nutella, honey and banana


Cheesy Sandwich Fillings

  • cheese and sprinkles
  • cottage cheese and Vegemite
  • cheese and aioli
  • cheese, capsicum and lettuce
  • cream cheese and baby spinach
  • cream cheese and avocado
  • cream cheese and sultanas
  • cheese, egg and mayo
  • cheese and tomato
  • cheese and lettuce
  • cream cheese, cucumber and carrot
  • cheese and cucumber
  • cheese and sauce


Salad Fillings

  • avocado and cheese
  • hummus and avocado
  • cheese, gherkin and mayo
  • mashed eggs and hummus
  • mashed eggs and avocado
  • curried eggs
  • lettuce and mashed eggs
  • mashed egg and whole egg mayo
  • grated carrot, cheese and sultanas
  • spinach, cucumber, grated carrot and sweet chilli sauce
  • lettuce, cheese and chutney
  • lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot
  • grated cheese, carrot, mayo and spring onion
  • tomato and cucumber
  • cucumber and carrot
  • cheese, carrot, lettuce and mayo
  • egg, lettuce and mayo
  • feta, cucumber and egg


Sandwiches With Meat

  • ham and cheese
  • chicken, cheese and mayo
  • chicken loaf, lettuce, tomato and cheese
  • chicken, lettuce and mayo
  • salami, tomato and cheese
  • BBQ chicken, cheese and BBQ sauce
  • pulled pork
  • ham and mashed egg
  • ham and hummus
  • chicken, cream cheese and lettuce
  • chicken, sweet chilli sauce and sour cream
  • chicken mixed with greek yoghurt and avocado
  • ham, cheese and spinach
  • ham, cheese and tomato
  • chicken, cheese and avocado
  • BBQ sauce, cheese and pulled pork
  • chicken, mayo, spinach and spring onions
  • ham, cheese, lettuce and mayo
  • corned beef, cheese and spinach
  • devon and cheese
  • devon and sauce
  • chicken, lettuce and mayo
  • ham, cream cheese and spinach
  • chicken, lettuce, carrot and avocado
  • ham, cheese and lettuce
  • turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce and avocado
  • turkey and cheese
  • salami, cheese and spinach
  • corned beef and chutney
  • roast pork, cheese and cranberry sauce
  • devon, sauce and cheese
  • turkey, cheese and avocado
  • chicken, cheese, cucumber and lettuce
  • bacon, lettuce, tomato
  • cucumber, bacon, cheese and aioli
  • chicken, egg, lettuce, cheese and mayo
  • chicken and spinach
  • chicken, cheese, mayo and avocado
  • chicken schnitzel and aioli
  • roast chicken and lettuce
  • chicken, grated carrot, chopped celery and mayo
  • pulled pork and coleslaw
  • roast chicken and coleslaw
  • pastrami, cheese and tomato
  • ham, cheese, lettuce and mayo
  • sliced turkey and cucumber
  • chicken strips, lettuce and cheese
  • ham, cheese and pineapple
  • BBQ chicken, celery and mayo
  • silverside and cheese
  • ham, lettuce and tomato


Sandwiches With Salmon Or Tuna

  • tuna and avocado
  • tuna and cheese
  • salmon and cream cheese
  • tuna
  • tuna, mayo and coleslaw
  • tuna and mayo
  • salmon, spinach and mayo

A healthy school lunchbox with fruit, a bread roll and nuts.

The Top 5 Most Popular Kids Sandwich Fillings

  1. Cheese and Vegemite
  2. Chicken, cheese and avocado
  3. Mashed egg and mayo
  4. Ham and cheese
  5. Chicken, lettuce and mayo

A lunch box with a healthy sandwich, fruit, nuts and vegetable sticks.

Tips For Making Sandwiches (That Kids Will Love)

  • keep it simple – most kids prefer sandwiches with just a couple of fillings
  • use a healthy bread that your kids enjoy and can easily eat
  • limit the sweet options
  • beware of tomato, beetroot or any other messy ingredients in lunchbox sandwiches (no ones likes a soggy sandwich!!)
  • slowly test out new ingredient combos, but don’t worry if they want the same thing every single day (whatever works, right!)
  • most schools and kinders are now nut-free, so save peanut butter etc for home
  • older kids will enjoy making their own sandwiches and choosing their fillings 


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