Healthy Thermomix Recipes For Kids

A collection of simple and healthy Thermomix recipes for kids… slices, bliss balls, muffins, pasties, meatballs and more!


A collection of simple and healthy Thermomix recipes for kids... slices, bliss balls, muffins, pasties, meatballs and more!


Healthy Thermomix Recipes For Kids


Thermomix Nut Free Muesli Bars

Mix and match your favourite dried fruit to make a delicious and healthy muesli bar for the kids.


Healthy Apricot, Coconut and Chia Balls

Ten minutes prep time and no baking required. The perfect kid friendly snack! 

A bowl of Apricot bliss balls.


 Apple Zucchini and Carrot Bread

This Apple, Zucchini and Carrot Bread is moist, delicious, freezer friendly and perfect for school lunch boxes!


Healthier LCM Bars

These homemade LCM bars are far healthier than the bought ones and with just four ingredients, they are a cinch to whip up! 

Rice bubble slice with sprinkles on a plate


ABCD Muffins

These ABCD muffins are lunch box and freezer friendly and are sure to be a winner in any household! 

Muffins made with apple, banana, coconut and dates.


Healthy Weetbix Balls

These Healthy Weetbix Balls are naturally sweetened with Medjool dates and honey and are a delicious addition to any lunch box! 

Bliss balls on a cake stand made with weet-bix and sultanas.


Healthy Zucchini, Oat and Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Chocolate Chip Cookies contain zucchini and oats and are sweetened with honey! A delicious and healthier alternative to a regular Choc Chip Cookie! 

Healthy cookies made with zucchini, oats and chocolate chips cooling on a wire rack.


Healthy Pear and Berry Nut Crumble

These Pear and Berry Nut Crumbles can be both a healthy breakfast or a guilt free dessert! 

Pear and berry bowls topped with nut crumble, yoghurt and blueberries.


Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Nuggets

A Healthy alternative to the good old chicken nugget!! Oven baked and freezer friendly! These are sure to be a hit with the kids! 

A bowl of chicken nuggets and sauce


Oven Baked Cheesy Mashed Potato Cakes

Crunchy on the outside and deliciously fluffy on the inside, these Mashed Potato Cakes are the perfect way to use up left over mash and your kids are sure to LOVE them!

3 mashed potato cakes backed in the oven and topped with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.


Tuna Pasta Casserole

This Easy Tuna Pasta Casserole is budget friendly, packed full of veggies and can be be made ahead of time and frozen. 

Pasta bake made with tuna, corn, peas and carrots being served from a baking dish.


Ham, Cheese and Corn Muffins 

These Ham, Cheese and Corn Savoury Muffins make a delicious alternative to a sandwich in your child’s lunch box and best of all, they can be made ahead of time and frozen. Just pull them out of the freezer and they will be defrosted by lunchtime! 

A batch of savoury muffins in a muffin pan.


Creamy, Cheesy, Vegetable Quinoa Bake

This Creamy, Cheesy, Vegetable and Quinoa bake is the perfect side dish, vegetarian main meal or healthy lunch! It’s packed full of veggies, but they are grated so the kids won’t even know they are there! 

A plate of quinoa and vegetables that's been baked in a creamy sauce in the oven.


Hidden Vegetable and Lamb Pasties

Who doesn’t love a good Pastie! These Hidden Vegetable and Lamb Pasties are full of veggie goodness, They have delicious crispy pastry and are freezer friendly! The perfect lunch or snack!

A lamb and vegetable pastie made with puff pastry.


Healthy Vegetable and Turkey Meatballs

These Vegetable and Turkey Meatballs are perfect finger food for your toddlers and they can be easily frozen and then reheated for a quick ‘grab and go’ meal or snack! 

A bowl of turkey meatballs and a dipping sauce


Veggie Smuggling Savoury Muffins

Our ‘veggie smuggling’ savoury muffins make a deliciously healthy snack for kids and toddlers. They’re freezer-friendly and perfect for lunch boxes!

Savoury muffins filled with vegetables.

For more healthy Thermomix recipes for kids, check out out Thermomix Lunch Box Snacks Cookbook filled with HEAPS of sweet & savoury recipes for kids! Just $16.95!

A ThermoBliss Lunch Box cookbook.


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