Planning a Sesame Street Party (decorations, party food, cake & more!)

Planning a Sesame Street party has never been easier. With the focus on bright, colourful and fun, this party theme is sure to be a winner! Check out my tips for a stress-free Sesame Street party, including decorations, party food, cake ideas & more!

Bright and colourful decorations and food for a Sesame Street party

For my son Will’s first birthday we organised a Sesame Street party. Sesame Street is currently the fave in our house, so it was an easy choice. I also loved the fact that it was a simple theme to plan around – with bright colours being the main focus. I’ve included all of the suppliers that I used at the end of the post. Please note that none of these are affiliates – I purchased all of the items myself and am simply including them in case you would also like to purchase any of the items.


Planning a Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street Decorations

Rainbow coloured streamers and colourful party food showing Sesame Street party decorations

Balloons and Streamers

We went for red, green, orange, blue and yellow balloons and streamers. 20 helium balloons were placed above a wall of streamers, while a further 20 non-helium balloons were on the floor to play with.

We also had two helium balloon bouquets with matching colours and an Elmo helium balloon as the feature on each. CUTE!

Blue, green, red, orange and yellow balloons in front of colourful streamers and party food

Colouful streamers behind a table with colourful party food for a Sesame Street party

Hanging Decorations

We hung 3 Sesame Street character tissue paper pom poms from the ceiling. These came in a flat pack and I assembled them before hanging. I also had some simple hanging Sesame Street decorations with twirly ribbons and character faces (hanging decorations not pictured… sorry!).


Table Decorations

As I discovered, a tablecloth is great… but it needs to be away from the edges (or secured well) to keep little hands away! In the end I used a red tablecloth and ensured it was out of reach!

I wanted the cake to be the main centrepiece and focus point of the table and so I covered a wooden box with a piece of red tablecloth and placed it into the centre. This gave it a nice height and drew attention directly to the cake.

Coloured straws in jars in front of a Sesame Street decorated cake with Cookie Monster on top

I also wanted to continue the bright colour scheme on the table and so added glass jars covered with a strip of coloured felt card and a Sesame Street character face and filled them with matching coloured straws (I’m a matchy-matchy kinda girl!). This was a brilliant way to add colour to the table in a very inexpensive and easy way.

Colourful straws in jars in front of a pale blue Sesame Street decorated cake

I used the same supplier as the hanging tissue paper pom poms for the colourful table pom poms. These were great for adding extra colour.

To make the food stand labels, I purchased mini blackboards on sticks from my local $2 store and then cut out felt coloured card to cover the blackboard. From there I used printable labels customised to our party food menu.

Lollipops made with squares of watermelon with a raspberry on top and a sign saying Abby\'s Magic Fruit Wands

Sesame Street napkins, plates and cups made the clean-up afterwards an absolute breeze!!!

The ‘Will’ material banner at the base of the table provided a fun feature (and also a great keepsake!).

We also used a high chair Sesame Street banner and mess mat (although the banner fell off almost straight away!!).

Finally, I ordered a customised Sesame Street print from Etsy, printed it to A3 size and placed it into a frame. Easy-peasy and again, a great keepsake from Will’s first birthday.

A framed poster with Sesame Street characters and writing on it.


Sesame Street Cake

A tall round birthday cake iced pale blue with an edible Cookie Monster holding balloons on top

Can we all just take a second to appreciate the gorgeousness of this cake!!!! I had this made by a professional cake maker and it certainly made me appreciate the time, skill and effort that they put in. There is no way I would ever, EVER be able to make anything like this (plus it took soooo much pressure off not having to worry about the cake). I gave my cake maker a few different pictures of Sesame Street cakes I liked, but then just let her go for it! To say I loved how this cake turned out is the understatement of the year.

A tall round birthday cake iced pale blue with an edible Cookie Monster holding balloons on top

The cake itself was a rich chocolate mud cake covered in chocolate ganache and fondant. Even the Elmo and balloons on top were edible! Amazing, right!?


The Party Food

A close up of chocolate bark wedges with a top layer of blue candy, decorated with broken Oreo and chop chip biscuits and edible eyes

Yay! My favourite part!!!

Here’s a list of the Sesame Street themed party food we had:

  • Big Bird’s Bird Food (cheesymite scrolls and pesto/feta scrolls)

    Round scrolls in front of watermelon and raspberry lollipops

  • Abby’s Magic Fruit Wands

    Lollipops made with squares of watermelon with a raspberry on top and a sign saying Abby\'s Magic Fruit Wands

  • Ernie’s Sparkly Fairy Bread (fairy bread cut out into the shape of stars and covered with blue sprinkles and 100s & 1000s)

    Fairy bread cut into star shapes on a wire tray behind a sign saying Ernie\'s Sparkly Fairy Bread

  • Elmo’s Super Food (guacamole with vegetable sticks)

    A small white bowl of avocado dip surrounded by celery, carrot and capsicum sticks for dipping

  • Cookie Monster’s Bark (recipe coming soon!)

A close up of chocolate bark wedges, topped with a layer of blue candy, with broken Oreo and chop chip biscuits and edible eyes to decorate

  • Count’s Cheesy Fun (a cheese board)

    A sign saying Count\'s Cheesy Fun in front of a cheese platter


  • Grover’s Sausage Rolls and Bert’s Yummy Little Quiches (no images).


Sesame Street Party Wrap Up

I absolutely loved planing and setting up this party. I wanted a theme that was going to look great, but also wasn’t going to cost a fortune AND wasn’t going to take forever to organise. This ticked all of those boxes! For anyone planning a Sesame Street party – go for it!!! Aim for bright, colourful and easy to source decorations. This is the perfect party theme for anyone who isn’t particularly crafty (and who doesn’t have a huge amount of time on their hands!).

A tall round birthday cake, iced pale blue, with an edible Cookie Monster holding balloons sitting on top

A Cookie Monster birthday cake surrounded by party food and colourful decorations


List of suppliers for specific items

Please note that none of these suppliers are affiliates in any way. I sourced and paid for each item myself. I’m simply including the list in case you would also like to check them out.




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  1. Karla says:

    I have just spent agggeess trying to find some easy ideas for my little boy’s 1st birthday and thought I’ll go to Lucy’s page, she’ll have something…and voila! You have organised me a whole party! Hehe! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be trying out some of these ideas

    1. Bake Play Smile says:

      Hahaha oh you’re so incredibly kind!!! I hope they help!! It was definitely a quick and easy party to set up! Happy birthday to your bubba too (1 is such a fun age!!) xxx

  2. Coleen says:

    such simple yet very creative ideas, you’re a genius Luce, just the most caring of mums and it’s a pleasure to view the growth of your gorgeous Will … happy days

    1. Bake Play Smile says:

      Oh thank you so much Coleen! You’ve made my day!!!! That is so very kind of you. I absolutely love watching Will grow – he’s such a gorgeous cheeky little thing!

  3. Brenda Stevens says:

    Happy Birthday Will

    1. Bake Play Smile says:

      Thanks Brenda!

  4. Simran Ahuja says:

    All the decorations are awesome. Also, that yummy bakes looks so delicious. Definitely will try at my place. Thanks so much

    1. Lucy Mathieson says:

      Thank you so much!

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