The Craziest, Most Ridiculous Rocky Road Ever!!!!

Ever have the dilemma where you can’t decide if you feel like lollies or chocolate? Well I often have this problem!! I absolutely sit on the chocolate side of the fence usually, but sometimes I just really feel like a musk stick, or a jersey caramel, or a jube, or a fruit chew, or a snake… really I could continue on with this list for a long time.


Anyway, it was late in the afternoon and I was in the supermarket aimlessly wandering the aisles. I tend to gravitate towards the confectionary aisle in the late afternoon…. anyone who says they don’t need a sugar hit at 4.30pm is either superwoman, someone with ridiculous amounts of self control or a combination of the two (either way, if this is you, I am very jealous and please feel free to email me with your tips on how you avoid the lolly/chocolate aisle). Until then I shall continue happily on my sugar hit afternoons!


So with a family size bag of clinkers in one hand, a bag of marshmallows in the other and a bag of raspberry lollies already in the basket, a great idea began to form!! I could make a rocky road slice which would both satisfy my lolly craving and my chocolate craving! Woo!! I was almost high fiving myself for this brilliant idea. And so off I skipped out of the supermarket with my goodies…

Haha... This could not possibly be wrong!!

Haha… This could not possibly go wrong!!

I poured all of my clinkers, raspberries and marshmallows into a big bowl while I melted some milk chocolate. Then it hit me…. add some broken up biscuits too!! Hey, a cross between rocky road and hedgehog… double high five!! And why not chuck a little bit of coconut in too.

Chocolate, oh chocolate, how I love you!

Chocolate, oh chocolate, how I love you!

By this stage I really may as well have rolled up to McDonald’s, ordered 10 Big Mac meals with extra cheese and a few McFlurry’s to finish off… that’s the kind of day it was turning out to be. But, can I say that in my defence, it is coming to the end of the school term and this means it’s a stressful and busy time with lots and lots going on… hence the increased need for sugar! I promise I will go back to my healthy eating ways VERY, VERY soon! Well that’s after I go and lie down for 5 hours and let my tummy process all of the craziness that is going on after my slice consumption!

Mmmm... cue mouth watering!

Mmmm… cue mouth watering!

Back to the slice… once I poured the melted chocolate over the top and mixed it together, I had to rush to put it in a slice pan and press it down. It was so quick at setting! I suppose that’s what you get when you are mixing pure chocolate with biscuits and lollies! This sounds like a crazy thing to say given the over-the-topness of the slice, but I actually think I should have melted more chocolate! There was so much going on in the slice that the chocolate just barely covered everything! So it was a bit of a nightmare to cut, and I did at times feel as though I was eating clinkers covered in a double layer of chocolate with a few other random bits thrown in for good measure!

Holy moly!

Holy moly!

Despite this.. it was pretty darn amazing! It’s hard to describe the slice at the moment, as my tummy is still hurting a little from it! But it was very delish and very decadent! It really is the perfect answer to the chocolate or lollies dilemma! My only word of advice… and please take it from the person who really needs to lay down now…. only have a small(ish) amount at a time! You don’t realise how sweet and ridiculous it is until it’s too late and you have already consumed wayyy too much! Nevertheless, it was awesome! And until I learn my lesson and start eating nuts and seeds at 4.30pm, this little slice is going to be my best friend. Actually, what I really need to do is to give 90% of it away to other unsuspecting suckers so I stop eating it!

At least most of it made it to the tray and not straight into my tummy!

At least most of it made it to the tray and not straight into my tummy!



The perfect solution to my dilemma! Now.... I really need to go for a run!!! Haha :-)

The perfect solution to my dilemma! Now…. I really need to go for a run!!! Haha πŸ™‚

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My mouth was watering reading that Luce! One recipe I will have to try for sure being a sugar addict as well! Mitch said if you’re still wanting to give some away bring it our way! Great recipe idea πŸ™‚