Kids App Review – Cowzat!

Kids App Review – Cowzat! Tickle, tap and laugh your way through this fun app for kids. Cowzat is a uniquely Australian story that encourages children of all ages to love reading.

I haven’t done a kids app or website review in a while and that’s not because there hasn’t been any great new apps… no it’s much simpler than that! I have just been distracted by writing super important posts about cake pops, sprinkles and other fun stuff! But given that I do actually get paid to be a primary school teacher and not a cake pop taster (how awesome would that be!!), it’s probably about time I get all educationally with you again… at least until I get distracted by the sprinkles again!

Kids App Review - Cowzat!

Cowzat is an app developed by Cricket Australia and Colour Me Interactive. Don’t lose me here… or roll your eyes! Just because we don’t have the best cricket team at the moment, it hasn’t stopped Cricket Australia from making a pretty fun app! My whole grade loved this app, but it was especially loved by the boys.

Kids App Review - Cowzat!

Cowzat is a fun, interactive story that follows a cow and a cricket on some pretty wacky farm adventures. While this app is clearly aimed at Australian kids, I’m sure it would be loved by kids anywhere in the world. The app is essentially based on a funny little herd of cows who invent cricket while playing around on a farm! Kids are encouraged to tap, tickle and laugh their way through the book.

Kids App Review - Cowzat!

The thing I like best about this app is that it is designed to suit a wide range of age groups (3-10 years) and reading levels. Very young children can use the ‘auto-play’ function and just listen to the story being read and watch the animals getting up to mischief! Older children can alternatively click ‘play’ and read along with the story. They can also click on each of the animals to see their actions, as well as trying to spot the pesky cricket on each page.

Kids App Review - Cowzat!

And for all of you out there who are fans of the comedian Tim Ferguson, well, you will be excited to know that he narrates the story and really gives it such a fun, Australian feel!

Kids App Review - Cowzat!

And now down to the important stuff…

Available on iPad and iPhone for $2.99

Available on android for $2.50


If you have kids who love cricket… or even for that matter, cows, then this app is definitely well worth it! The only downside is that it only has one story, whereas many other reading apps have several stories. Nonetheless, it’s fun, it’s interactive and it’s uniquely Australian!



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  1. I bet my son would love to have this app

    1. Bake*Play*Smile says:

      🙂 Thanks Shaun!

  2. This is so great. I love that it’s got a good mix of reading, story, educational and interactive. Whilst Miss7 is not particularly into cricket (much to the disappoint of cricket fanatic Dad), she sure loves reading, games and playing apps on her iPad. As she’s home sick this week from school, we’ll definitely be downloading this tomorrow and giving it a whirl.

    1. Oh and thank you so much for linking in to my new link party! 🙂

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