Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies!!

The absolute best of the best… cookies that is!!! Come and check out my favourite cookies of all time! Get baking today!

The countdown to the launch of Fabulous Foodie Fridays (FFF) is officially on!! And because it’s getting so close, we thought we would let you in on a bit more FFF goss! So here goes… do you ever go to a friends house, eat something amazing and then beg them for the recipe? Or do you go to a work morning tea and practically hunt the person down who made that amazing slice? Or do you pore your way through your grandma’s old handwritten recipes that are turning yellow with age? Yep, so do we! We all know that the best recipes are those that are all-time family favourites or ones that have been tried and tested for absolute deliciousness.


And so FFF is a little initiative between Lauren from Create Bake Make and myself to bring to you an online cookbook filled with amazing family favourite recipes from all of the wonderful food bloggers out there. Oh yeah and the best bit? You get a new online cookbook each week! We are in the process of inviting all of our favourite food bloggers to join us in sharing their favourite recipes with you each week… but like any fab party, it’s open to everyone! Absolutely everyone will be able to link their recipe posts to our link party and then you will get to try out all of the amazingness. OMG I cannot even tell you how excited I am. I feel like it’s going to be mega food overload!!


Anyway, in the lead up to the launch, Lauren and I are sharing our favourite foodie collections. Today it’s my turn and surprise, surprise… I chose cookies! I love cookies so very, very much. Give me a nice cup of chai tea and a cookie and I’m like a pig in mud. Hmmm that’s a very disturbing image!! Anyway, here are some of my favourite cookie recipes that I have stumbled across recently and just luuuuurrrvvveee!!!


These Afghan Biscuits from Amanda at A Cooker and A Looker remind me so much of my childhood! I would always bake these little biscuits with my mum on the weekend. Until recently I didn’t realise that they were of New Zealand heritage… and given my mum is a Kiwi, that probably explains why we made them so much! We would sprinkle coconut on top in place of the walnut, but I think I’ll have to try the walnut version next time.


Ahhh it’s pretty hard to search for any kind of recipe online without Kat from The Organised Housewife coming up! These Jam Drops prove why she is truly one of the most popular bloggers in Australia! And really… who doesn’t love a jam drop!!??


If you’ve been visiting Bake Play Smile for a while you will probably know that the very first blog I ever followed (and still one of my absolute favourites!!) is Retro Mummy! Corrie is the sweetest, most lovely person and I absolutely love all of her recipes. I can’t even tell you how many of them I’ve made! Anyway, these Ice-Cream Sandwiches were amazing and I know you will love them too!


These Gluten Free and Dairy Free Chocolate Chip Cookies from Whipped would be perfect for those looking for an alternative to the traditional cookie! Yummo!


And of course a few of Lauren and my own favourite cookie recipes to add to the cookielicious collection…


I love both caramel and chocolate but put them together and they are even more amazing! These Caramel and Chocolate Chip Cookies are so ridiculously good, you won’t be able to stop at one!


Oh stop it Lauren! You are killing me with your Peanut M&M Cookies! I want to eat about ten of them right now.


My absolute favourite cookie dough is used to make my M&M Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies. The secret to getting super soft cookies with a crunchy outside is using vanilla instant pudding mix!


Seriously this woman is a genius!! Who thinks to combine Oreo’s and Chocolate Chip Cookies? My awesome baking buddy Lauren does, that’s who! If you bake anything today, make sure it’s a batch of these crazy good Chocolate Chip and Oreo Cookies.


Are you all cookied out yet?? If not, come back when FFF is launched and be prepared to be blown away by all of the cookielicious amazingness that is just waiting to be baked!



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How delectable… BTW will be making the home-made baked beans from your last post very soon (definitely baked-beans weather!)

Cybele @ BlahBlah

Sooo good. I need to make some for the school fete. Now I just need to decide which ones x

Gourmet Getaways

I’ll be as excited as you are, Lucy! I particularly fancy the ice cream sandwich and the Afghans. Have fun!!!

Gourmet Getaways

Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

My mum makes the best afghan biscuits EVER, mine always seem to burn! Good luck girls!