The Very BEST Easter Recipes (you need these in your life!)

Calling all chocoholics… come and meet the very BEST Easter recipes ever!! Yep, they’re going to become your new best friends! Bring on the sweet, sugary, chocolatey bites of heaven!

Best Easter Recipes

Well hello there gorgeous!! If you’re new around here, welcome! And if you’ve been coming here for a while, hello again! Anyway, I am absolutely thrilled to bits that you’re here… because I have the yummiest, most decadently fabulous collection of the very best Easter recipes for you. Hands down. The BEST. Now if you come here lots (like as in, yesterday), you’ll know that I made a seperate collection of Thermomix Easter recipes (because I know lots of you have Thermies). But this collection of recipes can be made by everyone. Yep, they’re the best of the best. Quick, simple and freaking delicious.


The Top 10 BEST Easter Recipes

Trust me on these ones… I really am a true chocoholic at heart!


Cheats 15 Minute Chocolate Overload Cake (recipe & video)

I don’t want to be pushing you into anything… BUT you MUST make this cake!!!!!!

best Easter recipes


15 Minute White Chocolate Easter Cake

…. annnnnnd just because one ’15 minute Easter cake’ isn’t enough…..

best Easter recipes


Boozy Easter Chocolate Cocktail

Baileys + vodka + nutella + milk + a mini Easter egg…. BLISS!

best Easter recipes


Chocolate Hedgehog Easter Slice

You know how good a traditional hedgehog slice is right?? Well this Easter version is even BETTER!!!

best Easter recipes


Easy Easter Rocky Road

When Easter is all done and dusted, you totally need to make this rocky road with any Easter eggs you have leftover…

best Easter recipes


Traditional Hot Cross Buns

Sometimes the classic recipes are the best!

best Easter recipes


Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

Chocolate + creme eggs… does it get any better!?

best Easter recipes


Malteser Bunny Chocolate Cupcakes

Malteser bunnies are my FAVOURITE!!! And who can resist a sweet little cupcake??

best Easter recipes

Loaded Easter Bunny Bark

Pack this 5 minute recipe full of all your fave Easter treats!

best Easter recipes


Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere… even in these yummy hot cross buns!

best Easter recipes


And now the countdown to Easter well and truly begins….!! Whoop whoop!!


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